The Nobile Group

We have built our Group based on clear ethic rules and diligence towards our suppliers, distributors and end users. The product quality in our corporal culture always comes first. We are the factory, but we also have our own brands in kiteboarding, snowkiting, wakeboarding, snowboard and skiing. Our partner in many important business matters is the NBL Kompozyty company – the European supplier of composite products. As Nobile Factory we are the supplier of OEM solutions for customers who expect the top-quality products in the following segments: ski, snowboard, snowkite, kiteboard and wakeboard. 130 experts on 8,000 m² manufactures the sports goods with use of the latest Nobile technologies and patents, highly valued from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Nobile. Made with Polish hands

Let us go on a journey to the heart of the Silesian Beskids, to our factory in Bielsko-Biała, where our ideas are converted into unique world-class products. Here the advanced technology is combined with craftsmanship, here the innovation and tradition become one. More than 100 individuals create the world of Nobile. We love what we do. Many of us practice sport actively. This is where we create boards that are renowned all around the world.

„We are the family company and so is the atmosphere about it. We love what we do. Many of us practice sports actively. In Nobile we all want the products we make to be enjoyed and reputed all over the world, as it has been so far. We work on it on a daily basis” – says Dariusz Rosiak.

Dariusz Rosiak, the Nobile’s founder and owner, a keen fan of aviation, who actively goes for kitesurfing, snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking, persists in searching for new, better technological solutions. His daughter, Małgorzata Rosiak-Brawańska, the Nobile’s CEO, is a multiple medalist of Polish Championships, European Cup and World Cup in snowboarding, as well as the world junior vice-champion and Olympian.

20 years of hard work

The dream of Rosiak family to create the top-quality, innovative products which give the maximum satisfaction has come true. Te company persists in searching for new technological solutions, most of which will be probably used by well-known and respected world brands, as it has been so far.

Nobile Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding in Nobile celebrates its 10th anniversary. At present Nobile is one of the most highly valued producers of kiteboarding equipment in the world.

More at: www.nobilekiteboarding.com

Nobile Skis

There are no other skis like the Nobile ones. Thanks to the Tech Triangle system which actively triggers three Nobile-patented solutions: APS, Autorocker and Trapezium Shape, it’s hard to find better skis for snow riding in the world.

More at: www.nobileskis.com

Nobile Wake

Our wakeboards are designed for use in cable parks, as well as for riding behind the motorboat or a jet ski. They are made in accordance with the latest trends in boards designing – with multichannel construction and aggressive rocker line.

More at: www.nobilewake.com

Nobile Snowboards

Since 1994 Nobile has been producing snowboards based on its own patents, as well as with use of the latest materials and technologies. The company creates the best products of the highest quality Polish and exotic wood in the sandwich technology.

More at: www.nobilesnowboards.com