NOBILE SNOWBOARD N7 - V2 shape (Swallow tail)

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NOBILE SNOWBOARD N7 - V2 shape (Swallow tail)

NOBILE SNOWBOARD N7 - V2 shape (Swallow tail)

Nobile Snowboard model N7 - V2 shape (Swallow tail)


N7 is a novelty in our 2020 collection. With this construction we would like to invite you into surfing in Deep Powder. Mellow Camber with Tip Rocker. Especially designed for powder turns. Design by Stani Kulawik. The most wanted powder carving board, available also on split version N7 is a novelty in our 2020 collection. 

Swallow tail
Inspired by retro powder shapes, made mostly for deep powder runs, but still can be plenty of fun while riding on every kind of tracks. This tail will make you improve your turns both in powder and on track.

  • Purpose/Terrain:   Powder/Freeride
  • Profile:                  Hybrid Camber/Minirocker
  • Shape:                  Directional / Fish Tail
  • Flex impression:    6/10
  • Size:                     152, 156, 162




In our boards’ construction we use poplar wood which offers perfect balance between weight, resilience and vibration dampening.

In this structure we use ABS partitions to transfer force edgewise. Our ABS combines qualities of vibration dampening and direct force transfer, which makes the board easy to ride and enable precise manoeuvring.

High-quality, very fast slide Pros: Faster, holds wax better Cons: More expensive, harder to repair.

Three-directional fibres improve the diagonal rigidity combined with very well balanced side and cross rigidity. As a result, you get an active board for aggressive ride.

The carbon stripes are attached to the bottom of the core, which helps in moving the force without interfering with the board’s flexibility. Thanks to a better contact with the ground and improved edge grip, the board is faster on the slope.

Core technology The common patent used worldwide. In the process of forming board inside the press the innovative technology of pre-stress is used. During this process the fibres of wooden wedge are permanently stretched into wavy form, storing the energy within the board’s core. As a result, we get comfortable yet dynamic board with optimal rigidity, user-friendly and excellent edge grip, thanks to torsional resistance This technology allows us to use less materials, making the board lighter, compared to standard structures. In common snowboard construction Torsional Rigidity (Torsional Resistance) is directly connected to the board flex. In general, the more longitudinal flex the board features, the poorer the torsional performance is. More flex means better turning, easier control, better pop and more fun, but weak grip on ice or hard-pack conditions APS Core technology increases the Torsional Rigidity by 15 per cent and additionally increases the board flex by 35 per cent at the same time (compared to standard construction). Thanks to the APS Core Technology, it is now possible to have both stability at speed and fun in the snow park. APS Core technology 3D APS Core technology 3D is the three dimensional construction that permits the separation of board flex (longitudinal flex) from Torsional Rigidity (cross flex) and manages both of them separately. The use of 3D wave in area between inserts in board construction gives us the qualities of soft freestyle boards without the loss of cross rigidity, which is responsible for board’s stability at higher speeds and better control. APS Core Technology 3D NANO The visible wave between the bindings of lower amplitude. The user-friendly structure for those who prefer riding in the park and having fun with obstacles.