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NOBILE SKIS 50 / Fifty 2012-185
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NOBILE KITE 2015 T5-5 m

NOBILE KITE 2015 T5-5 m

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We designed the T5 to keep a smile on your face. Fas
t, truly user-friendly and responsive, plus it
has auto-relaunch capabilities. Is there anything mor
e you need? This year we introduced many
changes in order to bring even better performance a
nd take a step forward in freeride-oriented
kites. The reshaped construction makes the kite more p
redictable, with a more direct feeling, and
improves the wave performance. Moreover, a huge wind
range and stability in the air make this
kite one of the most attractive on the market. In t
he new T5 we have also upgraded aerodynamic
capabilities – less drag and superb upwind performanc
e. To do so, we improved durability by
using narrow canopy panels and solid reinforcements, w
hich we know is extremely important for
all you riders. The new larger valve makes pumping
fast and easy. Now you will jump higher, ride
safer and have lots of fun in any given conditions!
Size (m): 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14
Weight3.20 kg