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 SKIM FOIL PACKAGE - Skim Foil Board + Zen Hydrofoil

Skim Foil Board is a perfect board to enter the hydrofoil world. Easy to manoeuvre, ideal for taking first steps in levitating on foil. Light and super-stiff at the same time, completely covered with anti-slide EVA foam, to control your position during riding. It also proves well as a skim board to ride with kite. Properly adjusted rocker line and bottom shape make it a very universal board.

Nobile Zen Hydrofoil - almost 15-month research on Hydrofoil was conducted by the most experienced team of Nobile engineers under the Care and
management of Grzegorz Staszczuk, R&D Engineer and Dariusz Rosiak – the Nobile’s founder. Tomek Janiak – Nobile Rider and
one of the world’s top Kite Formula competitors – was the project’s advisor and the main tester.
The result is the product of the highest quality, based on the Human Concept philosophy. It’s probably the best aluminumcarbon
hydrofoil on the market. We also wanted it to be user-friendly, safe and full disassembly, so you can pack it into a compactsized
luggage. We recommend our custom-made “check in bag” which meets the criteria of airlines in terms of the maximum size
of registered baggage.
We have called our hydrofoil Zen, because when you ride on it, your mind becomes free and your thinking clear as the water
surrounding you.

– Foil board with freeride capabilities
– Easy hydrofoil
– Durable construction
– Skatey feeling
– Good for light-wind conditions

Weight 4.50 kg