1. Terms used in these Regulations have the following meaning:
    1. Seller – Nobile Sports spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Bielsko-Biała at ul. Wapienicka 6
    2. Client – a person ordering the performance by the Seller of the Custom Product
    3. Custom Product – a snowboard performed by the Seller whose graphic layer is designed by the Client on their own
  2. The Client submits an order for the Custom Product via the Seller’s online store
  3. The Client designs on their own the graphics that is to be on the Custom Product with the use of software made available by the Seller via the Seller’s website
  4. While designing the graphics, the Client may use the database of designs made available by the Seller or their own images unless they meet the requirements determined in software made available by the Seller.
  5. When the Client sends the graphics and contents, they declare at the same time that they are entitled to all copyrights to the contents they intend to place on the Custom Product and bear full responsibility for effects of the use of graphics submitted by them.
  6. Before making the payment, the Client has the possibility to download the product visualisation. The Client has the possibility to report errors in the project within 7 days from the order submission.
  7. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to perform the order if the content of the graphic design submitted by the Client:
    1. is slanderous or obscene, or contains contents offending religious feelings or offensive to social, ethnic or any other groups,
    2. contains an advertisement of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other intoxicants,
    3. is contrary to the NOBILE values, image and brand,
    4. infringes applicable provisions of law.
  8. The Seller does not make any corrections or adjustments in contents sent by the Client in order to personalise the Custom Product ordered. The responsibility for the correctness of contents sent rests with the Client.
  9. The Seller reserves that for technological reasons colours and shades may slightly differ from those ordered by the Client and this fact does not constitute the Custom Product fault.
  10. The Seller reserves that each Custom Product will bear the NOBILE logo.
  11. The condition for the commencement of the Custom Product performance is the payment by the Client of the Custom Product price.
  12. If the Client notices errors in the Custom Product visualisation sent by the Seller after its acceptance, they should report this fact to the Seller as soon as possible. If the production process has already been started and the Client wants to introduce changes in the Custom Product, they will be obliged to pay for the order again. The exception is the situation where the error was made due to the Seller’s fault, i.e. the Seller placed on the Custom Project data other than those sent by the Client or commissioned the production of another version of the Product than that accepted by the Client.
  13. The deadline for the delivery of Custom Products is 75 days from the date of the order submission. This deadline may be extended if the Client reports errors in the project.
  14. As this product is produced on a special order, pursuant to the Client’s guidelines, the Custom Product cannot be returned and the Client is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement, in accordance with Article 38(3) of the Polish Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights.
  15. In the case of the Seller’s refusal to perform the order for reasons described in point 7, if the Client has already paid for it, the price paid by the Client will be returned within 7 days from the day of the confirmation by the Client that they resign from the Custom Product and do not intend to correct contents sent in order to make them compliant with rules determined in point 7.
  16. In the case of problems or doubts connected with the process of the order submission, the Client should contact the Seller at the following e-mail address: client.service@nobilesports.com